Machine Learning Experts

PixelVision develops, trains, and implements computer vision software: we teach computers to recognize objects and take actions accordingly. Obtaining data from individuals, recognizing car brands or products on an assembly line, we help you make it happen. Inquire today!


Advertising and Retail

The brands of tomorrow are built on data obtained today. Whatever you need, we implement the tools you need to obtain the right data about your customer and improve their customer experience. information can range from individual data such as age, gender and emotions to environmental information such as car type or clothing style. Follow up real time using our state of the art data platform.


Industrial Process

Computer Vision can severely improve efficiency and productivity. Our products can analyze your production process and take decisions accordingly. Contact us for a solution which fits your needs.



Secure detection is an important factor of visual security systems. Intrusion, vehicule or licence plate detection is a must to set up a secure defense. We deliver standard and made-to-measure solutions for your security necessities.

Object Detection

Improve production processes with our object detection software. Automate and validate through the use of computer vision.

Take Informed Decisions

Use our data platform to discover patterns and trends in customer behavior.

Get the right Tools…

PixelVision can assist in getting the right hardware setup for your business case. From network to lighting, website to signage, we deliver the right product in the right place.

Custom development

Our team of software engineers can cater software solutions to your needs.

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Start today with one of our software packages to gain valuable information about your customers.

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